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Wood Grain

Wooden Beams for 'Indecent'

Designer: Céline Kramer

Working with Llew Morgan 

Doors for 'Marriage of Figaro'

Designer: Céleste Langrée

Working with Eve Wilson

Doors for 'Days of Significance'

Designer: Anton Schilbach

Working with Eve Wilson

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Brick Surfaces for 'Indecent'

Designer: Millie Lamkin

Working with Ben Flores and Phoebe Smith 

Texture: Plaster and Vermiculite

Colour: Splatter paint, sponging, dry-brushing, etc.

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Stone Fountain & Textured Floor

Floor: plaster & vermiculite texture and splatter painting.

Fountain: shaping (hot wire foam cutting, polycarving, etc.), scrimming, painting & varnishing.

For 'Days of Significance'

Designer: Anton Schilbach

Working with Ben Flores, Phoebe Smith, Irene Ye Ji Kim, Llew Morgan & Eve Wilson.

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Gold Proscenium Arch

Polycarving, scrimming, applying vacuum formed details and metallic rendering (gold pigment & button polish)

For 'Red Velvet'

Designer: Céline Kramer

Team led by Llew Morgan, with Phoebe Smith, Ben Flores, Irene Ye Ji Kim & Eve Wilson.

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Large Scale Painting Recreation

Tasked to recreate a painting by Jo Fraser in a large scale (8x6 feet).

Original Painting:

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